Pick-by-voice uses headsets and a portable belt-fitted device

Provide Greater Visibility into Workloads

Deliver step-by-step instructions to operators via pick-by-voice technology to reduce likelihood of operator injury

Pick-by-Voice: Paperless for Maximum Productivity and Accuracy

This picking technology has many advantages. Pick-by-Voice allows picking operators to fully focus on their primary task: order picking. Since all communication is through spoken instructions via headset and microphone instead of visually via paper lists or displays, the picking process is ergonomic and efficient. In addition, this concept eliminates cumbersome data entry and time-consuming scanning of the storage location.

Pick-by-voice uses headsets and a portable belt-fitted device to direct operators. By delivering step-by-step, just-in-time instructions via voice, the technology increases productivity, reduces the likelihood of errors and provides greater transparency with regard to workloads. Pick-by-voice can be used for order picking, replenishment, putaway, stock checking and dispatch.

  • Reduced error rates and higher productivity
  • Flexibility to adapt to specific project requirements
  • Transparency through customized reports
  • Pets@Home, United Kingdom
  • REWE, Germany
  • TJ Morris >>
  • Wal-Mart, USA