Visual signals for improved performance and highest quality

Improve Picking Speed and Fulfillment Accuracy

Guide operators quickly and efficiently by illuminating pick-points with pick-by-light picking technology

Pick-by-Light: Visual Signals for Improved Performance and Highest Quality

Pick-by-light is used primarily when a high picking speed is required. An easy-to-see dot of light guides the picking operator to the next unit to be picked. In addition, a display indicates the number of units to be picked.

After retrieval, the operator pushes a button to confirm. Relevant information is exchanged in real-time with the higher-level material flow or warehouse management system. This is a fast, paperless way to guide the operator to follow picking instructions.
Pick-by-light can be used for case and item picking, order consolidation and shop replenishment by cases or items.

  • Operator guidance increases picking speed while minimizing errors
  • Significant productivity increase by up to 40%
  • Transparency over inventory and productivity