Advanced picking technologies like pick-by-voice, pick-by-light, and pick-by-RF terminals facilitate picking and reduce fulfillment errors

Increase Operators’ Pick Productivity

Integrate advanced picking technology

Picking Technologies: Improve the Speed and Accuracy of Order Fulfillment

Swisslog’s technologies using pick-by-voice, pick-by-light and pick-by-RF terminals increase operator efficiency, reduce order fulfillment errors and support real-time inventory management.

Picking is not only one of the most cost- and labor-intensive processes in a warehouse, it also has the highest error rates. Swisslog’s advanced picking technologies – pick-by-voice,pick-by-light and pick-by-RF terminals – facilitate picking and reduce order fulfillment errors.

With our long-standing expertise, we help our customers implement a sustainable and cost-efficient picking strategy based on their item and order structure.

The different picking technologies allow picking operators to quickly collect the items to be picked in the right quantities. The different concepts can easily be combined. For example, pick-by-light indicates the pick location while pick-by-voice specifies the required quantity. Whether used independently or in combination, these technologies are efficient, flexible and cost-effective.


Pick-by-voice uses headsets and a portable belt-fitted device to direct operators. By delivering step-by-step, just-in-time instructions via voice, the technology increases productivity, reduces the likelihood of operator injury and provides greater transparency with regard to workloads. Pick-by-voice can be used for order picking, replenishment, putaway, stock checking and dispatch. >>



Using lights to illuminate pick locations, pick-by-light technology is a fast, paperless way to guide the operator to follow picking instructions. Pick-by-light can be used for case picking, item picking, order consolidation and shop replenishment by cases or items. >>


Pick-by-RF Terminals

Pick-by-RF terminals is a paperless barcode picking system that operates over a wireless network. The technology can use a variety of devices including hand-held terminals, truck-mounted terminals and wrist/ring scanners. A flexible system, pick-by-RF terminals can be used for pallet picking, case picking, item picking, and replenishment. >>