Click&Pick is a modular warehousing concept that can be adapted to business models in e-commerce and omni-channel sales.

E-Commerce Solutions Designed for Unique Customer Needs

Simplify operations, reduce costs and increase flexibility

Retail, E-Commerce and Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment with Swisslog's Click&Pick Solutions Portfolio

Click&Pick is a modular concept that can be tailored to meet existing requirements and flexibly adapted to changing customer needs and business models in retail, e-commerce and omni-channel sales.

Swisslog’s holistic Click&Pick solution portfolio allows companies with e-commerce and omnichannel business to achieve order fulfillment rates that are up to five times faster than with manual rack systems. Conveyor and lifting technology, warehouse management software, preconfigured systems such as AutoStore, SmartCarrier or CarryPick, and extensive industry experience are combined to create tailor-made solutions. These guarantee high pick rates, accurate storage and transportation of goods, efficient returns and putaway as well as innovative inventory management that result in highly efficient storage and order fulfillment systems.

Click&Pick Online Calculator

The Swisslog online ROI calculator indicates how much you would benefit from implementing Click&Pick in your warehouse. Click here >>

Advantages of E-Commerce

The worldwide revolution in online-trading and e-commerce comes with a series of great advantages. An accuracy of the order processing of 99%, huge cost savings, a higher delivery speed and the online shopping experience for the customer are only a few of them. Furthermore, our intralogistic solutions have a running time exceeding 30 years. For further information Click here >>

Unlock the potential
  • Easy to integrate into existing operations

  • Adaptable to future needs thanks to a modular design that is scalable and flexible

  • Low total cost of ownership, long service life, low maintenance with minimal energy consumption

  • Highest productivity by increasing speed of order fulfillment, order accuracy and effectively managing an increasing number of SKUs

  • Scalable to grow with your business

  • Order fulfillment rates: Up to five times faster than with manual rack systems
  • Throughput: More than 1 000 picks per person per hour
  • Speeds: 20 to 30 minutes from order to picking
  • Space requirements: Standard solutions concept can be adjusted to suit
  • Alnatura, Germany
  • Catch of the Day, Australia
  • Competec, Switzerland
  • DB Schenker, Sweden
  • Fossil, Germany
  • Gries Deco Company, Germany
  • Hama, Germany
  • Hat World, USA
    Hat World is one of the leading sporting goods retailer in the US. LIDS Sports Group, operating within Hat World, delivers to more than 1 100 retail stores and 29 web channels.  
  • Medline, USA
    The largest privately held medical supplier in the US., Medline chose Swisslog’s Click&Pick system to increase throughput, manage inventory, and decrease labor at its distribution center. 
  • Ocado, United Kingdom
    Ocado online retailer, Ocado partnered with Swisslog to maximize the efficiencies of its storage and picking operations with a flexible solution that will grow with the business.
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  • Varner, Sweden
  • Xenos >>