The StarRobot plays a vital role in the StackRunner automated stack handling solution

Automated Item Pick Roboter for Small Parts

Robots offering a flexible solution for support during times of workload peaks

Automated Item Pick

Automated Item Pick Roboter for Small Parts

Humans and robots working hand in hand

Automated Item Pick

Automated Item Pick Roboter for Small Parts

Automated single item picking with maximum flexibility

Robot based Automated Item Pick for Efficient Intralogistic Processes

The Automated Item Pick solution is designed for repeated single item picks to fulfil fast delivery of orders. It perfectly suits the requirements of e-commerce, pharmaceutical or spare parts logistics. It combines effectively Swisslog's existing intralogistics concepts such as CarryPick or AutoStore with robot picking.

The solution design is based on a shared picking principle: The robot picks the items that he is able to pick – which can be up to 30-60% of the customers product range – and a worker finishes the order. By using KUKA’s LBR iiwa with implemented human robot collaboration, humans and robots can work side by side without fences. The Automated Item Pick workstation, which can be operated in human – robot collaboration mode or with extra safety measures in fast picking mode, will be built to be a “Plug and Play System”, meaning a person can be replaced easily at a work station were single item picking is done. Furthermore KUKA’s flexFellow allows a flexible operation at different workstations with a minimum start up time. The Automated Item Pick Station is designed to use in new as well as in existing "Goods to Person" applications.

  • Flexible and Mobile: The robot pick station can be used at different work stations. Processes can be optimized by sharing tasks efficiently between robot and human.
  • Fast and Simple Integration: Automated Item Pick is easy to implement in new or existing picking systems due to WM 6 standard software packages.
  • Improved Efficiency: An automated pick station is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Accurate, Reliable and Safe: Robots picking enables a failure-free operation with the highest availablility
  • Optimized Costs: Costs per pick can be reduced due to low operation costs and investments can be justified within 3-5 years.
Single item picking station for:
  • Items range: packed items, unlimited number
  • Items per hour: 360 – 600 depending on size and weight
  • Item sizes in mm: 40 x 40 x 10 up to 300 x 200 x 200 (L x W x H)
  • Item weight: up to 20 gr - 4 kg


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