Swisslog’s automated order fulfillment solutions help optimize picking processes through zone-to-zone, person-to-goods and goods-to-person principals

Experience the Advantages Of Optimized Picking

Picking solutions to support order fulfillment

Automated Order Fulfillment Solutions

Swisslog’s automated order fulfillment solutions offer a range of benefits for warehouses and distribution centers based on proven picking principles.

Swisslog’s automated picking solutions are based on proven technology and principles that are customized to meet each customer’s specific needs and adapt to ever-changing requirements. Depending on our customers’ business strategies, challenges and processes, we provide order fulfillment and picking solutions that are right for any industry-specific warehouse or distribution center.

Based on zone-to-zone, person-to-goods and goods-to-person picking principles, our solutions help customers create a more efficient, cost-effective fulfillment process to prepare for future growth.


In person-to-goods picking, products are placed in a static pick face as the picker moves through the pick face to assemble an order. Swisslog’s person-to-goods picking products allow for improved accuracy, ergonomics and safety and are suitable for faster moving products. >>



Zone-to-zone picking allows the picker to remain in one pick zone and pick items into the order tote as it passes through different zones. Swisslog’s zone-to-zone solutions eliminate unnecessary steps for a faster moving, more flexible process. >>



Goods-to-person picking delivers products to a static pick station. The picker then removes the products, which are then added to a specific pallet or tote order. Swisslog’s goods-to-person solutions boost efficiency, maximize storage space and make it virtually impossible to pick the wrong product and/or quantity. >>


Fully Automated Picking

Fully automated picking solutions streamline order fulfillment and increase accuracy for fast and efficient picking. With fully automated picking solutions from Swisslog, warehouses can ensure accurate order fulfillment and consistent workflow throughout the year. >>

Fully Automated Picking