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Automated storage and retrieval systems for retail pharmacies

Tecnilab Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems for Retail Pharmacies

Retail pharmacy automation solutions from Tecnilab provide high-density medication storage in original manufacturers’ packaging. Improve dispensing efficiency and throughput with a customized solution for medication management. System design specialists will analyze your needs to adapt an automation solution to your specific space and storage requirements – allowing you to maximize retail profits and minimize labor. Proven Tecnilab solutions are modular and flexible, meeting your needs today and scaling to meet future needs.

Address the challenges of retail pharmacy with efficient and reliable automated systems:

  • Free up floor space for high-margin consumer goods
  • Speed up dispensing for a better customer experience
  • Improve workflows to improve employee satisfaction


EvoTec Storage and Dispensing System - Fully automated solution for high-density storage


TwinTec Storage and Dispensing System - Simple, high-speed solution for lower-capacity storage


  • Fast input – easily load multiple products at the same time
  • Maximize storage space – gives you back floor space for higher margin items
  • Customized solutions – designed for your space and volume requirements
  • Automated loading – reduces time spent in non-value-add activities
  • Integrates with pneumatic tube systems

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