Empower pharmacists to play an active role on the healthcare team

Free staff from time-consuming medication dispensing and management tasks

Outpatient Drug Dispensing

While an important part of the continuum of care and a convenient service for patients, the outpatient pharmacy is also a valuable source of revenue for the hospital. For these reasons, maximizing operational efficiency is an important priority for outpatient pharmacies. Automating operations, such as medication dispensing and medication management, can help pharmacies meet their goals for improved workflows and better patient service.

From medication labeling to incorrect packaging to dispensing the wrong medication, human errors can occur during the delivery of prescriptions. Swisslog’s pharmacy automation solutions improve tracking and traceability as well as reduce manual tasks in order to ensure outpatient pharmacies are dispensing the right medication to the right patient.


To support the continuation of care upon discharge, outpatient pharmacies are tasked with providing more hands-on medication management. Patients depend on pharmacists to help them understand the appropriate use of their medication, possible side effects and the importance of medication compliance. Additionally, nurses and other staff also rely on these busy individuals to assist them with medication-related issues. By automating medication dispensing, management and inventory tasks, pharmacies can free their staff to focus on delivering more direct patient care.

UniPick 2

UniPick 2 Drug Dispensing System

An automated drug dispensing system, UniPick 2 reduces the manual dispensing process for outpatient medication – decreasing errors and increasing staff productivity. Pharmacists can now spend more time counseling patients on medication information and administration.