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Inventory Management

Many hospitals and pharmacies rely on manual processes to determine inventory and make purchasing decisions. As can be expected, visual inspections and handwritten notes can lead to costly overstock and buying emergencies – preventable problems that could negatively impact staff productivity and the patient experience. With an automated inventory management system, hospitals can manage and track medication, supplies and health information, replenishing only the items that are needed, when they are needed.

Swisslog’s Pharmacy Manager software puts hospitals in complete control of their inventory, enabling them to improve workflow and achieve operational efficiency by:

  • Reducing on-hand inventory by up to 10 percent
  • Effectively cycling medications by expiration date to reduce drug waste
  • Purchasing inventory according to actual usage and need
  • Avoiding shortages in medications and supplies
  • Automating replenishment
  • Eliminating non-value-added tasks
  • Having full visibility into inventory levels and dispensing needs
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Pharmacy Manager

From hospital expansions to acquisitions, the rapidly changing healthcare landscape demands agility and resilience from every stakeholder. Pharmacy Manager is designed with growing health systems in mind—connecting supply chain to patient delivery by controlling the movement of medication across the enterprise. Manage as many or as few locations as you need, from large hospital campuses to clinics and satellite pharmacies.


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