Maintain a clean, safe hospital environment

Improve waste management with robotic trash transport

Waste Transport

Regular, safe disposition of waste helps hospitals maintain a clean environment for patients, staff and visitors. Along with being a time-consuming process, manual trash transport exposes staff to contact with medical and biohazardous waste and potential injuries. For these reasons, hospitals may choose to automate waste transport as part of their healthcare waste management plan.

Swisslog automated material transport and material management systems manage on-demand and scheduled pickup and delivery of trash carts. Relying on robotic transport of trash and regulated medical waste reduces human contact and facility damage caused by manual cart movement. Along with significant safety benefits, automated material transport systems for waste management expedite waste transport and standardize workflow – creating a cleaner, safer and more efficient environment for patients and staff.

TransCar® Automated Guided Vehicle

TransCar Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) help hospitals take control of their on-demand and routine material transport activities. By using self-guided vehicles, staff can remain focused on patient-care activities instead of delivering materials, thereby improving quality of care and reducing operational costs.