Increase throughput across supply chain

Expedited order fulfillment to multiple locations within a hospital system


Decrease manual labor needs

Fully automate goods storage, retrieval and delivery

Maximize available space

Reclaim hospital space for revenue-generating activities

Consolidated Service Centers

Conflicting pressures to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency are leading hospital supply chain managers to standardize and streamline across their network. Consolidation and centralization of resources such as supply management, pharmacy, laboratory services and food service is creating significant cost-saving opportunities for many hospital systems.

Enhancing these initiatives with automation creates connectivity throughout a hospital system—enabling system-wide visibility to the value and location of inventory, including medications and supplies.

Let our team of experts help you design the framework for your ideal consolidated service center.

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Warehouse Manager

At the heart of every consolidated service center is an intuitive software system that orchestrates material movement. Swisslog Warehouse Manager is actively managing the workflows of over 275 distribution centers worldwide, including complex retail, ecommerce and pharmaceutical supply chains.

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