TransLogic Carriers

Safely and reliably transport materials throughout the hospital

Meet specific departmental needs with a variety of pneumatic tube system carriers

TransLogic Carriers

Prevent accidental spills and the potential spread of pathogens during transport

Achieve sealed delivery in an instant with the NexSeal carrier

TransLogic Carriers

Easily determine the right carrier for the right use

Identify department-specific uses or contents based on carrier color

Carriers for the TransLogic® PTS

TransLogic carriers safely and reliably transport lab specimens, IVs, pharmaceuticals, documents, supplies and other materials throughout the hospital’s pneumatic tube system. Solid and durable, these pneumatic tube system carriers protect contents as they travel and are easy to load and unload.

Side-opening TransLogic Carriers provide easy access to contents. Three different carrier types meet the individual departmental needs of hospitals.

  • Universal – basic, side-opening carriers in 6-inch and 4-inch sizes
  • NexSeal™ – One-step closure, easiest to use leak-resistant carrier available; in 6-inch and 4-inch sizes
  • EcoSeal® – Leak-resistant carriers for containing liquids and guarding against the spread of pathogens in 6-inch size


Available carrier options include:

  • RFID tag – Option to enable tracking and management of transactions and origination/destination stations
  • BacStop™ antimicrobial – Carriers with embedded ions that eliminate many bacteria that come in contact with the carrier
  • Color body – Available in five colors for easy identification of department-specific uses
  • Half-color body – Carriers that work in other manufacturers’ pneumatic tube systems

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