Ensure the security of important documents

Eliminate manual document transport, sorting and filing

Document Security

Automating document management and storage greatly eliminates the likelihood that important documents, including passports, will be misplaced or stolen. By eliminating manual transport, sorting and filing, document management automation helps reduce fraud and prevent identity theft.

With an automated document management solution, governments, commercial and retail organizations can comply with regulatory requirements, increase operational efficiency and standardize document management processes.

Swisslog designed the PaspoMaat Automated Document Management System as an on-demand material transport and document security system that provides:

  • Secure and efficient document transport
  • Robotic storage
  • Reliable document access and delivery
  • Automated alert messaging

PaspoMaat® Automated Document Management System

(Not available in North America)

The PaspoMaat fully automates the storage, management and retrieval of important documents, including driver’s licenses, identification cards, passports and more. The automated document management system streamlines processes and greatly increases security.