Reduce logistics costs by optimizing facility processes

Identify Potential Process Improvements

Reduce logistics costs and material flow

Material Handling System Optimization: Improve Material Flow and Reduce Costs

Swisslog specializes in optimizing warehouses and distribution centers. By combining extensive automation expertise and an in-depth understanding of a variety of industries and processes, we can determine the best way to help you get the most out of your facility, reduce costs and streamline material flow.

Optimization of implemented strategies 
A core competency of Swisslog, optimizing warehouse and distribution center facilities delivers substantial value through reduced costs and streamlined workflows. We can help you implement strategies that will reduce the number of movements required to transport materials and enable alternative material flow – resulting in better utilization of your installed equipment.

Optimization logistical flows based on recorded performance data
We evaluate logistical flow to help you eliminate unnecessary activities that provide little or no added valued. We also review and analyze performance data to help you design processes that streamline picking, enable just-in-time inventory and reduce waiting times at staging areas.

Optimization of Energy consumptions 
Our experts optimize more than workflow. Because energy costs are a growing concern for many of our customers, we work to optimize energy consumption. By intelligently combining movements and introducing energy-efficient systems, you can operate on a more environmentally-friendly basis and realize significant savings.

Optimization with intelligent WMS functionalities 
Most importantly, by optimizing your warehouse management system with intelligent functionality, you can make your warehouse more dynamic and flexible – for today and tomorrow.

Key Account Management

Our key account managers visit and inspect customers’ facilities and discuss how they can improve processes and handling for maximized efficiency. By doing so, customers can plan for modernization or expansion projects to keep their facilities ready for the future.

Key Account Management

Condition Monitoring

Through our proactive condition monitoring service, we can estimate when mechanical components may fail, thereby scheduling maintenance work without interrupting operation and preventing unexpected downtime.

We monitor the IT infrastructure, applications, and mechanical installations to ensure they are working properly and efficiently. If the monitored systems reach a designated threshold, an alarm notifies engineers of a possible problem. This proactive monitoring enables technicians to respond before an error becomes a critical problem.

Condition monitoring is much more than simple monitoring. We also analyze results to identify areas of possible improvement – providing real value to our customers.

Condition Monitoring

Assessments to Identify Improvements

Our software and control experts will visit your facility to identify potential process improvements. Examples of areas that we evaluate include product speed, material flow, and product handovers. Following our review, we will provide you with a detailed report that provides recommendations for upgrades, adjustments or new implementations.

Assessments for Identify Improvements