Get instant access to spare parts when you need them

Spare Parts When You Need Them

On-demand parts and resources for optimal operation

Spare Parts: Get the Parts You Need at Any Time

A key part of Swisslog’s customer promise is specifying, sourcing and holding spare parts. In doing so, our customers can be confident that all of our parts will be available on short notice.


To ensure the right spare parts and resources are available when and where you need them, Swisslog offers spare parts management as a service. A cost-effective solution, we guarantee parts inventory so repairs are simple and hassle-free. We also offer optional services including training, setting up databases and external storage of spare parts for easy organization.

Swisslog performs the following services:
  • Startup package assembly
  • Periodic onsite inventory checks
  • Creation of replenishment proposals
  • Evaluation of substitutes
  • Procurement and delivery
  • Customer-specific financing models