Condition Monitoring for Warehouse Systems

Reduce interruptions and protect your system investment with Swisslog’s remote system monitoring

Warehouse Remote Monitoring: See What Will Happen Before it Happens

Predictive and preventive, Swisslog’s remote monitoring services for warehouses reduce the risk of unscheduled downtimes and maximize delivery reliability.

For your warehouse system to operate efficiently, the software, network, servers and control IPCs must remain in good condition. By monitoring these components and updating them effectively, you can ensure your system will operate dependably for the long term.

Through preventive, system-specific measures, we help reduce your system’s downtime and improve your operating costs. We remotely monitor your logistics IT system over a secure and stable VPN connection. If the system reaches a predetermined threshold, then an alert notifies the technician to take action. Regular tests ensure that all security mechanisms, including cluster failover and backup and restore, will work correctly in the event of a power outage or partial failure of redundant systems.

Additionally, our field engineers provide a number of specific condition-based monitoring activities to ensure your maintenance processes are focused on the proper areas. Examples of condition-based monitoring services include:

  • Vibration analysis
  • Acoustic analysis
  • Oil sampling
  • Thermography

  • Reduce downtime
  • React before an error occurs
  • Maximize delivery reliability
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance periods
  • Ensure the long-term viability of your system


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Condition Monitoring

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Swisslog’s Condition Monitoring for warehouses reduce the risk of unscheduled downtimes.

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