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Be Confident in Your Warehouse and Logistics Systems

Logistics consulting and maintenance services to identify opportunities for improvement and prevent downtime

Warehouse Logistics Maintenance: Ensuring System Availability and Maximum Uptime

Swisslog provides preventive maintenance services for warehouses to maximize delivery reliability and productivity, and provide you with the confidence in your facility’s logistics now and in the future.

At Swisslog, we aim to provide you with maximum levels of productivity. To maintain that promise, we provide comprehensive consulting services and reliable warehouse maintenance for your logistics solutions. Our proactive assessment services help keep customer installations technically up-to-date to stay ahead of the competition. Performed by our resident team of experts, we offer routine and preventative maintenance for mechanics, electrics, control systems and warehouse management systems – so you can be confident everything is running optimally.

When warehouse operational changes are needed, it can be difficult to pinpoint specific areas that require updates. Our proactive approach to system operations allows us to identify potential opportunities for optimization. Thanks to our 30 years of experience in logistics, you can ensure the long-term availability of your warehouse installations and provide customized services to improve future processes.

By analyzing logistics processes in place – and the facility as a whole – we’re able to assess where there is possible room for improvement to keep the facility updated.

Examples of our maintenance and consulting service offerings include:
  • Periodic plant inspections
  • Preventive electrical and mechanical maintenance
  • Repairs and Upgrades
  • Periodic security checks
  • Remote Services
  • 24x7 reactive incident correction
  • Training
In addition, we take care of your hardware and software (updating licenses and changing hardware) and automation control needs, which is especially helpful if you do not have a dedicated IT department. By performing regular tests on your logistics, we’re able to ensure that all of your warehouse processes are working correctly.

With your warehouse maintenance handled, you’ll secure growth, protect your investment, and gain valuable peace of mind.

System Operation

Swisslog’s onsite service teams are always at your side with system operation management. Our experienced technical staff handles your whole system – from installation to on-going maintenance – so you can concentrate on your core business functions. >>

System Operation

Field Service

Our proactive field services prevent technical problems and reduce the risk of system failures. Should a malfunction occur we provide rapid and appropriate onsite emergency response 24x7 to keep your system running smoothly. >>

Field Service

Condition Monitoring

Predictive and preventive, Swisslog’s remote monitoring services for warehouses predict possible problems, reducing the risk of unscheduled downtimes and maximize delivery reliability. >>

Remote Service


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