Swisslog’s warehouse extension services can extend the life of your warehouse without interrupting production today

Extend the Life of Your Warehouse

Keep pace with your business’s future growth with Swisslog’s warehouse expansion services, including support, planning, management and implementation

Warehouse Systems Expansion: Meet Future Business Requirements

Swisslog’s account managers discuss your current and future requirements to create a customized long-term plan that keeps your business competitive.

Your frequently changing business requirements necessitate adjustments to your logistics systems. At Swisslog, we provide the right expansion expertise to make sure your systems keep pace with business growth. We offer everything from planning to implementation, for a single-source long-term success plan.

Since each system part and component has its own lifecycle, individual components should be replaced at specific intervals. Based on more than 30 years of expertise, we provide support, planning, management and implementation throughout your entire facility expansion to ensure new components are integrated seamlessly with the old – without any loss of production or productivity.

And thanks to our system-specific knowledge, we are able to design entire systems and seamlessly build on existing concepts, which translate into less risk, shorter project runtimes and lower costs.

  • Ability to expand third-party facilities
  • Customized long-term plans
  • Analysis of processes during operation
  • Transparent performance and capacity assessment 
  • Economical arrangements for high performance
  • Three-year investment plan