Ensure a customized, future-proof warehouse architecture

Extensive Warehouse Architecture Experience

Innovative and customized warehouse architecture

Innovative Warehouse Architecture: Designed to Optimize Your Flow of Goods

Swisslog has extensive experience across a range of warehouse architecture services, including structural design, fire safety, building utilities and HVAC. Our experts can help you to design the perfect building to optimize your flow of goods.

The planning stages of an architecturally designed project can be some of the most complex procedures known. At Swisslog, we use our architectural and engineering competency to deliver a custom design plan that is best suited for your ever-changing requirements within this modern world.

First, we undertake a pre-study to investigate that all legal matters are taken care of. This involves investigating planning permission to reviewing local building laws and regulations to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Our experienced quantity surveyors then come up with an accurate cost for the build which helps us stick to budget requirements and ensure technical feasibility at an early stage. We adhere to the latest regulations, evaluate the direction of your market and consider trends to reduce health and safety concerns, improve efficiency, and anticipate the direction of the industry.

Our architectural designs are adaptable, future-proof and flexible, this enables you to stay ahead of your competition and get the most out of your investment. Swisslog’s team of experts knows the challenges that come with logistics architecture. And with that knowledge, we are able to design a warehouse or distribution center that best fits your business needs – both now and in the future.

  • Time saving: as Swisslog experts coordinate the project from design phase to completed warehouse
  • Open book tenders
  • Security on cost, timing and quality
  • One single point of contact
  • A tailor-made facility designed to optimize your flow of goods
Scope of supply construction project management
  • Project and real estate development
  • Business and technical project management
  • Enterprise-wide integration
  • Enforcement of cost, functional and scheduling targets
Architectural services
  • Assessment of initial situation and consulting
  • Construction concept and feasibility studies, including area layout and environmental logistics
  • Visualization/color concepts
  • Detail and permit planning
  • Calls for bids, execution planning and construction management 
Engineering services
  • Structural planning
  • Building engineering, including fire safety, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Traffic infrastructure
  • Emmission protection and energy efficiency >>
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  • dm-Drogerie Markt Weilerswist, Germany
  • Florin, Switzerland
  • Gries Deco Company, Germany
  • Haribo, Germany
  • Huhtamaki, Germany
  • Lonza, Switzerland
  • Thurella, Switzerland
  • Zuckermühle, Switzerland