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Planning and Design Services

More than 60 years ago, Swisslog installed our first hospital automation system. Since then, we have helped hospitals improve material transport and medication management through well-designed automation. We leverage a comprehensive understanding of hospital environments and experience with material transport and pharmacy automation to help customers, hospital planners, general contractors and architects develop systems that enable better patient experiences.

We work closely with hospital planners and architects to analyze, plan and design systems that install smoothly and deliver substantial efficiency and safety gains to support cost-efficient patient care.

Services include:

  • Material transport survey: Monitors transport demand for efficient workflow.
  • Preliminary needs analysis: Identifies the state of a facility’s material transport procedures and recommends next steps based on ROI estimates.
  • System design analysis: Improves material transport approaches by evaluating the performance of current or proposed pneumatic tube systems to optimize design and workflow for peak activity.
  • Comprehensive material transport survey: Analyzes a hospital’s material transport methods and uses findings for project planning and budgeting.
  • Hospital material transport planning: Reviews current challenges, department situations, infrastructure planning and future material transport solutions.
  • Hospital flow analysis: Analyzes material transport solutions to achieve optimization and higher performance.
AIA continuing education: Provides accredited education to architects on automated material transport systems for hospitals.

“With proper system planning and design, we can improve information access and management to provide richer patient experiences that provide real results in the form of greater patient satisfaction and better outcomes.”

Cory Kwarta, Vice President of Field Operations, Swisslog Healthcare Solutions, North America

Solution Brochures

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  • TransCar Brochure (North America) 2158712
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