SynQ – The future of warehouse management software

SynQ – short for synchronized intelligence – is flexible and adaptable software that intelligently connects and synchronizes automation equipment, robotics, people and processes.

The convergence of connectivity, low-cost sensors, big data and advanced robotics is creating the cyber-physical production systems that will be the hallmark of Industry 4.0. Its contained services allow you to adapt to these upcoming changes and deliver on your promises to your customers in the smartest way possible – today and in the future. SynQ not only encompasses our proven WM6 warehouse management, material flow and automation control systems functionality, it also provides an array of business intelligence tools in a modular platform.

Why SynQ?
SynQ integrates with host ERP systems and is interoperable with third-party software and hardware. It not only lets you choose the functionality you need, it includes industry-specific modules that address the processes critical to you – and your customers. With its modular architecture and intelligent, automation-friendly design, SynQ helps you adapt to the changes – and capitalize on the opportunities – that are emerging as Industry 4.0 evolves.

SynQ - The intelligence network

  • Orchestration: Efficiently manage peak demands in your operation 
  • Insight: Transform information into intelligence to gain insight into your operation 
  • Agility: Future-proof your operation by quickly adding functionality as needed
Intelligent services
  • Performance management with our Cockpit app and complementary plug-ins such as Condition Monitoring, Labor Performance or Order Statistics
  • Event management with mobile notification and automated corrective actions
  • Toolset for designing and scheduling reports or labels
  • Data science services to build custom KPIs and dashboards
  • Project customizations – by the organization local to you
  • 24/7 remote support – globally and locally
Collaboration platform
  • Core capabilities for Warehouse Management (WMS), Warehouse Execution (WES), Warehouse Control (WCS) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Inventory management, location management, material flow controlling
  • Interfaces to/from 3rd party ERP/WMS/WCS systems, web-based services (SOAP / XML)
  • Multiple deployment options including cloud
  • Continuous access to product upgrades
  • Integrated controls solutions and automation interfaces for seamless integration of your own and 3rd party equipment
  • Visibility and insights through our universal SPOC user interface (browser-based devices or voice)
Operational services
  • Industry-specific inbound processes, e.g. receiving, inspection/QA, putaway, replenishment, returns handling
  • Industry-specific outbound processes: picking, staging, truck loading, shipping, dock assignment
  • Cycle counting/4-eyes principle
  • Value-added services like labeling, printing, packing
  • Task interleaving
  • Global and local project management and consulting services

WM6 References

Our proven WM6 Software set the foundation of SynQ.


  • Brochure SynQ Warehouse Management Software 1571795
  • Factsheet Cockpit 262131
  • Factsheet Condition Monitoring 964602

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