SPOC – User Interface and Visualization

SPOC stands for Single Point of Control and is our integrative Web-based graphical user interface to administer and operate the warehouse. It offers ergonomic and intuitive screens for control rooms, workstation touch screens and mobile devices (handheld or truck-mounted devices, smartphones, tablets).

SPOC Enterprise Portal is typically running on desktop PCs in the control room or the back office and is used to control the warehouse and its subsystems via convenient administration screens. Furthermore, SPOC Enterprise Portal displays all physical movements on the material handling system in real time. Enterprise Portal alerts visually or via SMS/email in case of errors.

SPOC Automation Visualizer is Swisslog’s integrated subsystem visualization and “one click recovery” tool allowing to detect and handle errors throughout all system layers at the click of a button.

SPOC Enterprise Touch is our ergonomic and intuitive touch-screen solution typically used by Operators at stationary workstations, e.g. Goods-to-Person workstations.In conjunction with WM, SPOC Enterprise Touch provides Operator screens for picking, putaway, cycle counting and maintenance processes.

SPOC Enterprise Mobile is used on RF handhelds, truck-mounted devices or smartphones. Screens are optimized for smaller display resolutions and operation in manual warehouses. In conjunction with WM, SPOC Enterprise Mobile provides operator screens for picking, putaway, cycle counting and maintenance processes.

  • Highly integrated intuitive user interface
  • Easy to learn and motivating
  • High efficiency and productivity
  • Multi-lingual (Chinese, Russian, …)
  • One integrated environment for the end user
  • Support for all sorts of devices running a Web browser
  • User and permissions management
  • Subsystem visualization
  • Variety of tools to control and analyze the system
  • Events notification
  • Configurable events forwarding (Email, SMS)
  • Integrated "One-Click" error recovery functions
  • Searching, filtering, sorting, exporting, etc
  • Administration and configuration screens
  • Goods-to-Person operation screens
  • Person-to-Goods operation screens
  • Personalization options
  • Local language support per user
  • Support for various character sets
  • ASDA, United Kingdom
  • DeLonghi, Italy
  • Energex, Australia
  • Goodman Fielder, Australia
  • Haribo, Germany
  • Hatlapa, Norway
  • Longines, Switzerland
  • Medline, USA
  • Norbert Dentressangle >>
  • PHI, USA
  • Roche, Switzerland
  • Royal Unibrew, Denmark
  • Texas Instruments, Singapore


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