Swisslog’s monorail quickly moves materials between buildings or throughout large facilities

Rely on a monorail when speed is essential

Electrified Monorail Systems use individually driven vehicles that move independently on a rail system. The monorail system accommodates pallets and roll cages, and can be expanded with scalable track elements, rail extensions and more vehicles.

Electrified Monorail System

More efficient and faster than conveyor systems, the Electrified Monorail System moves pallets and roll cages over long distances, between different departments or buildings.

  • Very quiet and environmentally friendly, no noise or vibration
  • Easily extends to adapt to new needs
  • Easy transportation via multiple levels

  • Transport units: Pallets or roller cages
  • Load range: Up to 1 360 kg
  • Vehicle speed operations: 2 m/sec (straight); 0.8 m/sec (curves/switches)
  • Temperature range:+ 5º C to +35º C
  • Humidity: Up to 90%

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