QuickMove Conveyor System for Light Goods: Efficiently Transporting Bins, Trays or Cartons

Featuring a flexible, all-electric set of modules, QuickMove is a conveyor system for a wide range of light goods conveyor applications.

High performance light goods transport with QuickMove
QuickMove is an automated conveyor system that reliably transports loads up to 50 kg. It consist of a set of conveying modules to realize functions and tasks – all of them are driven with 24 V or 400 V electric drives for high reliability and energy saving operation and an integrated controls solution for efficient material flow.
  • Optimized & reliable conveyor solutions
    Preassembled and tested conveyor elements are combined to individually optimized conveyor systems
  • Energy efficient conveyor elements
    Individual zone control provides energy-efficient conveyor solutions
  • Electric drives for less maintenance
    Reduced infrastructure and minimized maintenance effort thanks to fully electrically-driven elements
  • Load range: up to 50 kg
  • Standard speeds: 0.2 - 2.0 m/s
  • Lane width: 320 to 1 010 mm
  • Temperature range: +5° c to +40° c (deep freeze down to –28° c in preparation)


  • Factsheet QuickMove 577858

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