ProMove Pallet Conveyor System

With its flexible design concept, Swisslog’s ProMove pallet conveyor can be configured to meet specific customer requirements for pallet transportation.

Flexible pallet handling with the ProMove Conveyor System

Offering unique flexibility and unrivalled quality, the ProMove pallet conveyor system provides a safe, reliable method for pallet handling. The ProMove pallet conveyor system is user-friendly and can easily be expanded.

  • Frequency controls for variable speed operation and gentle load handling
  • Low energy costs due to optimized, energy-efficient design
  • Compact starter technology for easy commissioning and manual error handling
  • Easy installation and short commissioning time due to tested, precommissioned delivery
  • Remote monitoring on PDAs
  • Load range: up to 1 500 kg
  • Standard speeds of operation: 0.2, 0.35 or 0.5 m/s
  • Standard acceleration: 0.4 m/s2
  • Throughput transfer unit: 250 - 350 load units/h
  • Throughput turntable: 175 - 300 load units/h
  • Speed of operation shuttle car: up to 4 m/s
  • Speed of operation vertical conveyor: up to 1.3 m/s
  • Height of lift vertical conveyor: up to 40 m
  • Temperature range: from −28° c to +40° c
  • Load carriers: all standard pallets, other load carriers upon request


  • Factsheet ProMove 670716

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