CycloneCarrier: Shuttle System for Dynamic Storage and Retrieval of Light Goods

The CycloneCarrier shuttle storage and transport system moves cases quickly and safely for improved warehouse efficiency. The shuttle system is particularly well-suited for the requirements of the e-commerce, pharmaceutical and fresh food industry.

Efficient storage, order and picking consolidation
As part of a complete solution for light-goods handling, the shuttle system CycloneCarrier seamlessly integrates into efficient logistics processes; for example, as a feeding engine for goods-to-person picking or an intelligently designed buffer system for order consolidation. The shuttle system can handle a wide variety of cartons, trays and totes. CycloneCarrier was designed for industries where high throughput and excellent availability are essential.

  • Fast: The highly dynamic lifts and shuttle vehicles deliver short order processing times.
  • Reliable: Safe loading ensures reliable handling and reduces downtime.
  • Versatile: The shuttle storage system offers a variety of configuration options in terms of different dimensions and temperature range.
  • Integrated: The integrated software and fine sequencing using separate modules allow for seamless and efficient integration into the overall system providing a high ROI. 

  • Load weight per transport unit: up to 35 kg, standard application / up to 50 kg, with reduced dynamics
  • Transport unit dimensions: min. 200 x 200 x 50 mm / max. 450 x 650 x 500 mm
  • CycloneCarrier vehicle speed: up to 4.0 m/s
  • CycloneCarrier vehicle acceleration: up to 2.0 m/s²
  • Lift speed: up to 4.0 m/s
  • Lift acceleration: up to 7.0 m/s²
  • Throughput, single-deck version: up to 700 infeeds and outfeeds per hour
  • Throughput, double-deck version: up to 1 000 infeeds and outfeeds per hour
  • Lift height: max. 25  m
  • Temperature range: min. 0 °C, max. 45 °C


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