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Unique Blister Unit Dose for One-Gesture Administration

TheraPick Automated Packaging and

Dispensing System

When caregivers are under pressure, the risk of error in assembling therapies is amplified and the risks of adverse drug events and medications errors increase.
Patients getting the wrong treatment result in significant costs for the hospital, not to mention the injury, additional treatment and longer hospital stay for the patient.
TheraPick is a new solution for automated packaging, storage and dispensing of unit-dose medications, designed to optimize medication workflow and handling by nursing personnel at point of care, ultimately increasing patient safety.

TheraPick is the only solution combining automated storage and dispensing process for blister and other forms in hospital pharmacies. Its unique Blister Unit Dose (BUD) packaging format preserves the medication’s primary packaging to ensure its integrity and expiry date. TheraPick streamlines pharmacy operations, reduces human workload, optimizes space utilization and ensures transparency and complete traceability of medications in a variety of dosage formats. Highly modular and configurable, it scales to meet present and future of any healthcare institution.

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