Improve nurse and patient satisfaction

Improve nurse and patient satisfaction

Put dispensing and administration at the bedside for uninterrupted patient care

Optimize nursing workflow

Optimize nursing workflow

Eliminate up to 67% of trips to and from dispensing cabinets

Avoid common administration errors

Avoid common administration errors

Ensure the patient’s five rights of medication administration with a closed-loop system

MedRover® Mobile Dispensing Cabinet

(Not available in Europe)

The only fully integrated mobile dispensing cabinet, MedRover puts dispensing and administration activities at the bedside, improving nursing workflow and patient satisfaction. By enabling nurses to keep patient-specific medications, supplies, and narcotics in one mobile and secure medication cart, MedRover empowers nurses to spend more time on direct patient care and less time on trips to and from automated dispensing cabinets.

MedRover provides a closed-loop administration system, which not only eliminates the common causes of administration errors, but also ensures the patient’s five rights of medication administration. Overall, MedRover virtually eliminates the need for automated dispensing cabinets, providing a lower total cost of ownership and minimizing manual documentation and administration waiting times.  

Nurses now have all the patient information they need, when they need it, at the point of care. With fewer interruptions, they have time to focus their attention on giving their patients the best possible care.

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MedTower™ Automated Dispensing Cabinet

MedTower is a secure and convenient storage system that provides nurses with access to medications when the pharmacy is closed. It complements the MedRover by providing secure, automated storage and dispensing of slow-moving medications, narcotics and refrigerated items; as well as patient-care items that are too bulky for the mobile dispensing cabinet.

MedTower Automated Dispensing Cabinet

"Prior to the implementation of MedRover, our nurses spent much of their time obtaining medications and supplies for their patients. This, coupled with documentation requirements, was taking them away from their patients. Using MedRover, nurses are able to get medications to their patients in half the time and spend more time with patients and their families explaining each medication and treatment thoroughly."

Maria Fuddy, CNO Bacharach Rehabilitation Hospital

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