Enhance patient safety with automated pill splitting

Split medication tablets into two halves quickly, accurately and automatically

Automated tablet splitting ensures accurate doses

Manual pill-splitting processes can result in imprecise or broken tablets

BullsEye™ Tablet Splitter

Pharmacies frequently split pills to provide a lower dose of an active ingredient or when the pills available provide a larger dose than required. Consumers often split pills to save money on drug costs when higher-dose tablets are sold at the same price as a lower-dose one. Clinicians who choose to split pills should be aware that not all drugs in tablet form are suitable for splitting. Some medications, such as those in capsule or controlled-release forms, are not safe to split. Tablets that crumble easily, or split unevenly because they are too round or small, can result in loss of drug product. And, it is important to manage the uniformity of the split to ensure proper patient dosing.

Using a device designed to enable precise tablet splitting supports dose accuracy by ensuring pills are accurately and consistently split every time. Splitting higher-dose tablets for lower-dose dispensing, pharmacies can reduce medication costs. Reducing the variety of medication strengths in inventory also saves storage space. Using an automated splitter vs. cutting tablets by hand ensures that patients receive accurate doses.

For information on medications suitable for splitting, reference the FDA’s outline of best practices to follow when splitting tablets here.

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