Automate drug storage and retrieval.

Automate drug storage and retrieval

Increase security and efficiency with an automated medication warehouse

Expedite the picking process.

Expedite the picking process

Achieve picking rate performance of three to one when compared to carousels

Ensure secure dispensing.

Ensure secure dispensing

Limit access to a single box at a time for authorized users only

Maximize available space.

Maximize available space

Store refrigerated and non-refrigerated medicines and narcotics in a single secure unit

BoxPicker™ Automated Pharmacy Storage System

With the BoxPicker Automated Pharmacy Storage System, hospital pharmacies can fully automate medication storage and retrieval; which not only eliminates picking errors and increases safety at dispense, but also creates a more efficient pharmacy workflow This high-density pharmacy automation system eliminates the need for static shelving and is a robotic replacement for vertical pharmacy carousel systems, refrigerated drug storage and narcotic vaults.

Improve Hospital Pharmacy Workflow with BoxPicker™

Discover how the St. Joseph Hospital pharmacy improved and streamlined its workflow and staff efficiency by fully automating their drug storage with BoxPicker.

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BoxPicker is part of an end-to-end solution of Swisslog equipment and software that controls medication management from wholesaler to patient. With this goods-to-person system, operators have access to only a single box at a time, thus eliminating picking errors. Scan-in/scan-out technology further increases safety during dispensing, while providing inventory tracking. Additionally, pharmacies can achieve higher hourly throughput and productivity with picking performance that’s three-to-one when compared to pharmacy carousels.

Unlike other vertical storage systems, BoxPicker expands as pharmacy storage needs change. Configurations maximize available space and provide additional picking bays so operators can work simultaneously. The system also provides storage and pass-through capabilities for cleanrooms, removing the need to enter ante rooms to deliver stock.

The optional narcotics module ensures the security of controlled substances and facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements. Narcotics are stored separately from other medications in secure, tamper-proof modules that can only be accessed by authorized users.

See how BoxPicker provides a safe and efficient alternative to carousels.

"BoxPicker eliminates the need for shelf space that we needed previously, creating additional room in the pharmacy.”

David Hitchcock, Pharmacy Supervisor, North Kansas City Hospital

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