Automated Tablet Packaging System

Streamline medication management

Improve workflow with a high-speed, automated packaging and dispensing system

Automated Tablet Packaging System

Ensure patient safety

Packages of all sizes are clearly and accurately labeled with barcodes

Automated Tablet Packaging System

Simplify the prescription collation process

Easily stage thousands of pouches in a batch on the optional spooler while preserving pouch strip integrity

Automated Tablet Packaging System

Close the loop on inventory management

Network with pharmacy information systems for automatic replenishment of dispensing cabinets and patient carts

ATP®-Series - Automated Tablet Packaging System

(Exclusive to North America)

Hospitals and pharmacies rely on the ATP to streamline medication management. The versatile system automates tablet packaging to increase staff efficiency and patient safety.

Available in a standard cabinet size as well as a space-saving tabletop version, the automated tablet packaging  system quickly and easily packages unit-dose medications. The high-speed system delivers patient-specific and unit dose packages in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of medication carts and dispensing cabinet replenishments. Each package is accurately labeled and barcoding is available as an additional safety measure. Unique features support stat dose production and allow continued production in the event of an out-of-stock medication.

The ATP series expands to accommodate from 71 to 128, 192, 256, 320, or 384 medication canisters and interfaces with multiple devices to streamline inventory management and simplify workflow. A variety of accessories, including a fill-to-light tray system and automated spoolers, deliver further workflow efficiency gains. 

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