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Optimize Inventory Spend

Optimize purchasing patterns and increase inventory turns through visibility to daily spend and PAR-level tracking

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Control Medication Movement

Manage inventory levels across one or multiple locations through a real-time, corporate-level view of all storage locations

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Uncover Business Insights

System reports synthesize inventory data to advance the operational health of your pharmacy

Pharmacy Manager

From hospital expansions to acquisitions, the rapidly changing healthcare landscape demands agility and resilience from every stakeholder. Pharmacy Manager is designed with growing health systems in mind—connecting supply chain to patient delivery by controlling the movement of medication across the enterprise. Manage as many or as few locations as you need, from large hospital campuses to clinics and satellite pharmacies.

This pharmacy management software offers unlimited access points and tracks medications regardless of storage location or number and types of automation currently in use—making it your single point of truth for inventory accuracy.

An easy-to-use interface and dashboard reporting enables pharmacists to accurately manage drug inventory, decrease carrying costs and reduce waste to improve the operational health of your pharmacy and ensure the right drug reaches the right patient.

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