Improve patient care and increase operational efficiency

Automatically transport routine and spontaneous deliveries of critical patient-care items

Safely and reliably deliver materials between departments

Move fragile materials, medical devices and patient medical records in tamper-proof containers

Adapt to a wide range of conditions and transport operations

Mount the system horizontally, vertically or in suspended ceilings and narrow ducting

UniCar Electric Track Vehicle

(Not available in North America)

The UniCar Electric Track Vehicle (ETV) helps improve patient care by quickly and reliably transporting critical patient-care items between hospital departments. This flexible and versatile material transport solution can be mounted horizontally, vertically or overhead to fit in any building architecture design – adapting to a wide range of conditions and transport operations.

Electronic locks on the container lids prevent content tampering during transport, and optional swivel baskets keep liquids from spilling during transit. To ensure bacteria-free transport, the electric track vehicle offers options of automatic UV and wet disinfection measures.


The UniCar is designed to handle payloads weighing less than 15 kg (33 lbs) and is ideal for transporting blood samples, laboratory specimens, IV bags, medication and patient records and X-rays. The MultiCar Electric Track Vehicle can hold a maximum payload of 25 kg (55 lbs), making it well-suited for medium-sized medical devices such as prepackaged sterile surgical instruments or post-operation instruments.

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