Create lasting increases in efficiency

Free staff from manual transport activities so they can focus on patient care

Achieve measurable cost savings

Cost reductions achieved through TranspoNet provide a positive ROI in three years or less

Tailor the system to your hospital’s needs

Meet your transport requirements with a system that travels many floors, between buildings and short and long distances

TranspoNetTM Pneumatic Tube System

(Not available in North America)

Substantially increase efficiency throughout your entire hospital with the TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System. This PC-controlled pneumatic tube system was designed to meet hospitals’ need for spontaneous transport of lab, blood and tissue samples, as well as documents and rapid sections. By using the PC-controlled air tube system, staff can focus on patient care instead of wasting valuable time moving materials among floors and departments.

TranspoNet PTS in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany

The highly flexible system can be installed during construction or retrofitted into existing buildings to meet your specific transport processes. Whether you need to move highly sensitive items among floors or between buildings, the TranspoNet System is adaptable to every architectural challenge.
The pneumatic tube system can be customized to facilitate automatic empty carrier return, allow for multicarrier transport and deliver real-time notifications. Intelligent software optimizes operation 24x7, guaranteeing fast and safe material transport every time – even over long distances.

TranspoNet Stations

TranspoNet Stations dispatch and receive lab specimens, blood products, pharmaceuticals, documents, supplies, and other materials to and from the hospital’s pneumatic tube system (PTS). Available models provide special solutions for laboratory, ward, pharmacy, and blood bank use. Automatic sending stations and auto-unload features are available to improve system usability in the hospital environment.

TranspoNet Carriers

TranspoNetTM Carriers

TranspoNet Carriers safely and reliably transport lab specimens, blood products, pharmaceuticals, documents, supplies, and other materials throughout the hospital’s TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System (PTS). Solid and durable, these easy-open carriers guarantee secure and gentle transport.

TranspoNet PowerLine Technology

TranspoNet PowerLine Technology is based on a separate high-capacity line in the TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System (PTS). It is an advanced option that enables multiple carrier transport over long distances, across multiple floors, between buildings or underground. In this way, PowerLine optimizes the flow of transported goods through complex hospital systems that have numerous transfer lines and crossings.


TranspoNet Integration Unit

(Not available in North America)

The TranspoNet Integration Unit automatically loads patient-specific, unit-dose PickRings produced by the PillPick Packaging and Dispensing System into TranspoNet Carriers. Without any manual handling, the PickRings are transported to the wards via the TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System (PTS). Through the seamless connection of the PTS with the PillPick by the TranspoNet Integration Unit and its automated handling of drugs, hospitals can achieve the highest level of safety for patients.

"TranspoNet is essential and the backbone of our in-house logistics. Our nursing staff has been greatly relieved by the installation of the Swisslog pneumatic tube system in routine transport tasks."

DIPL. ING. Uwe Nissen, Technical Manager, Pius-Hospital Oldenburg

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