Expedite and standardize the delivery of materials throughout the hospital

Automate the delivery and receipt of materials in line with best practices for safety, reliability and proper transport

Transport patient-critical materials safely, efficiently and reliably

Move lab specimens, medications, IVs, materials and documentation faster than a human can walk

Receive advanced functionality with the touch of a screen

Use the intuitive control panel to send materials, control access and utilize special transaction features

Customize the pneumatic tube system to meet traffic demands and requirements

Easily address high-volume demands in all areas of the hospital facility – even across multiple floors or buildings

TransLogic® Pneumatic Tube System

Specially designed to handle hospitals’ automated material transport needs, the TransLogic Pneumatic Tube System delivers patient-critical items quickly and reliably. This leading pneumatic tube system ensures delivery performance – even at peak times – to eliminate wait times and reduce manual labor. With the time saved from delivering materials, medications, IVs, paperwork and lab samples, staff can focus on patient-care activities.

Combined sending and receiving stations feature easy-to-use control panels. Hospital departments can customize their station to meet their needs – from enabling secure send to setting speeds to handle sensitive materials. This proven technology was developed to promote best practices in security, safety, accuracy and proper transport protocol.

Swisslog’s pneumatic tube system experts design the TransLogic System to meet the traffic demands and requirements of each individual hospital. Whether air tubes must traverse multiple floors or multiple facilities, TransLogic can address these needs. Additionally, this automated material transport system is ideally suited to accommodate high traffic – some of our installed systems handle more than 10,000 daily transactions.

The TransLogic Pneumatic Tube System delivers the best ROI of virtually any healthcare transport solution thanks to its long-life performance; fast, reliable and accurate delivery; and its high level of safety for patients, staff and transported materials.

Learn how Nexus controls provide logical and quick access to TransLogic Stations.

Alert Messaging for TransLogic® PTS

Swisslog’s Alert Messaging option helps optimize the uptime of a hospital’s TransLogic Pneumatic Tube System. The dynamic communication tool monitors pneumatic tube system transaction events such as carrier arrivals, secure deliveries awaiting retrieval, full bin alerts, etc. and automatically notifies departmental users. In addition, Alert Messaging provides hospital operations notification of maintenance events (alarms) for user-related situations, system interruptions, maintenance issues and equipment failures.

Whisper Receiving System

By installing the optional Whisper Receiving System on the TransLogic® Pneumatic Tube Station, hospitals can significantly reduce noise, creating a better hospital experience for patients and a less stressful environment for staff.

TransLogic® Pneumatic Tube System Stations

TransLogic Stations (PTS) are the user interface to the pneumatic tube system; incorporating control panels, carrier management, storage and security functions. Swisslog offers various interchangeable station types based on a hospital’s unique needs.

WhoTube™ Card Access for PTS

The WhoTube Card Access System provides additional security for pneumatic tube systems. Stations equipped with WhoTube require the swipe of a valid access card to unlock the station control panel and the station access doors. Only approved users can send carriers, and the card access system ensures that only the assigned recipient is able to unlock the secure storage module in the receiving station. All sender and retriever information is recorded with each transaction.

Xpress™ Technology for TransLogic® PTS

Xpress Technology enables hospitals to achieve the ultimate efficiency in high-volume transport situations. Available as an option for TransLogic Pneumatic Tube Systems, Xpress Technology is a family of equipment designed to support user requirements for high throughput, even over long distances. Stations equipped with Xpress Technology accommodate simultaneous carrier dispatches and arrivals – increasing productivity and throughput.

"Distance is time, and it is very important for us to have an efficient, dependable way to move specimens between various points.”

Robert A. Bjorvik, Administrator of Hospital Laboratories, University of Chicago Hospitals

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