Achieve better patient outcomes

Efficiently transport drugs, specimens and documents for faster turnaround and decision-making

Keep personnel focused on patient care

Automate transport tasks so staff can deliver focused, personalized service

Pneumatic Tube Systems

Delivering prompt, customized care is critical to improving the patient experience and ultimately enabling better patient outcomes. Swisslog’s family of pneumatic tube systems helps hospitals meet patient needs by efficiently transporting drugs, documents and specimens to and from nurses’ stations, labs, inpatient and outpatient pharmacies, blood banks and the ED.

As the pioneer of pneumatic tube systems for hospitals, Swisslog remains committed to designing and delivering innovative air tube systems for today’s healthcare. To help hospitals improve productivity and achieve an outstanding ROI, our pneumatic tube systems were the first in the industry to:

  • Incorporate variable speed delivery
  • Offer a chain-of-custody solution for secure delivery
  • Incorporate touch-panel computers in sending and retrieving stations
  • Provide dynamic routing options for optimized delivery speed and throughput

With the broadest system offering and an installed base of more than 3,000 facilities worldwide, Swisslog can design, develop and implement a pneumatic tube system that meets your specific needs and delivers optimal performance.

Delivery Manager banner1

Delivery Manager

Impending medication tracking legislation, including the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), is leading health systems to explore new procedures, standards and technology to achieve compliance. Maintaining control of the medication distribution process in your hospital is a critical piece of ensuring chain-of-custody. Delivery Manager is an intelligent tracking application that provides a single point of control, accountability and traceability throughout the entire delivery process. Transcendent of any single hospital department, the service combines technology and best practice workflow to track materials throughout the hospital.

TransLogic® Pneumatic Tube System

Specially designed to handle hospitals’ automated material transport needs, the TransLogic Pneumatic Tube System delivers patient-critical items quickly and reliably. This leading pneumatic tube system ensures delivery performance – even at peak times – to eliminate wait times and reduce manual labor. With the time saved from delivering materials, medications, IVs, paperwork and lab samples, staff can focus on patient-care activities.

TranspoNetTM Pneumatic Tube System

(Not available in North America)

Substantially increase efficiency throughout your entire hospital with the TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System. This PC-controlled pneumatic tube system was designed to meet hospitals’ need for spontaneous transport of lab, blood and tissue samples, as well as documents and rapid sections. By using the PC-controlled air tube system, staff can focus on patient care instead of wasting valuable time moving materials among floors and departments.

The Valet Pneumatic Tube System

Valet Pneumatic Tube System (US only)

The Valet Point-to-Point Pneumatic Tube System provides hospitals with a low-cost, reliable material transport solution. Ideal for moving materials between departments or as a complement to existing facility-wide air tube systems, the Valet frees staff from time-consuming manual transport activities.

TransCheck™ Validation Service

Quality Control for Medical Transport

Used to support the laboratory validation process, TransCheck is a technical service that demonstrates the quality of medical transport via Swisslog and other manufacturers’ pneumatic tube systems. The TransCheck Service validates and analyzes the quality of transport by using special TransCheck Carriers to measure jolts, vibration, temperature and g-forces within the pneumatic tube system. Data is then presented in easy-to-understand reports that can be used by hospital quality management for system certification and from which quality improvements can be made.

TranspoFlex Pneumatic Tube

TranspoFlex / Urgence21 Pneumatic Tube System

(Not available in North America)

Ideal for hospitals that need a point-to-point material transport solution, the TranspoFlex (U21) Pneumatic Tube System increases efficiency by freeing staff from manual transport activities. This mono-directional air tube system moves samples to or from central locations within hospitals. It also augments existing facility-wide systems, providing emergency transport from emergency departments and operating rooms to the lab.