Efficiently move materials wherever they need to go

Automate material handling so staff can focus on their patients

Ensure patients always have what they need

Eliminate waits, mistakes and worries

Material Handling Systems for Hospitals

Scheduled and on-demand material transport plays a decisive role in hospital activities. Wrong, inaccurate and untimely deliveries can have negative, possibly even fatal, implications on patients and their outcomes.

Designed with the hospital’s needs and environment in mind, Swisslog’s automated material handling systems deliver on-demand and scheduled transport. Our solutions efficiently move goods – from drugs, specimens, samples and blood products to regularly scheduled deliveries of food, linens and waste – throughout the hospital, allowing staff to focus on patient-care activities.

By automating material transport with automated guided vehicles, pneumatic tube systems, autonomous robots and electric track vehicles, hospitals can:

  • Enhance workflow processes and efficiency
  • Improve turnaround time for faster decision-making
  • Allow staff to spend more time with patients
  • Deliver better patient experiences

AutoStore® Automated Storage and Picking System

AutoStore is a unique warehouse automation solution for the storage and retrieval of medical and surgical supplies, housekeeping supplies and small parts in low units of measure. This space-saving system enables hospital supply managers and consolidated service centers to optimize material movement efficiency, expediting order fulfillment to multiple locations within a hospital system.

Pneumatic Tube Systems

Delivering prompt, customized care is critical to improving the patient experience and ultimately enabling better patient outcomes. Swisslog’s family of pneumatic tube systems helps hospitals meet patient needs by efficiently transporting drugs, documents and specimens to and from nurses’ stations, labs, inpatient and outpatient pharmacies, blood banks and the ED.

RoboCourier® Autonomous Mobile Robot

Dramatically reduce manual transport tasks within the hospital by letting the RoboCourier do the walking for you. The RoboCourier Autonomous Mobile Robot transports lab specimens, medications and hospital supplies, enabling staff to remain focused on patient-related tasks. With more time spent on value-added tasks, overall turnaround times and throughput increase while the cost of labor decreases.

TransCar® Automated Guided Vehicle

TransCar Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) help hospitals take control of their on-demand and routine material transport activities. By using self-guided vehicles, staff can remain focused on patient-care activities instead of delivering materials, thereby improving quality of care and reducing operational costs.