Automated warehouses streamline packaged food warehousing

Facilitate Rapid, Accurate Throughput of Packaged Food

Efficiently store and transport packaged food

Automated Packaged Food Storage and Transport

Swisslog’s automated warehousing systems for packaged food transport and storage allow manufacturers, distributors and retailers to efficiently accommodate consumers’ appetite for more products.

The packaged foods industry is in the midst of a supply chain evolution. To accommodate consumers’ changing buying habits and demands, the packaged food market is shifting to handle floor-ready formats. As a result, manufacturers are experiencing critical warehouse needs, specifically increased numbers of SKUs, smaller order quantities and more varied packaging containers. Manufacturers now require handling and storage options that are streamlined, flexible and cost efficient.

Swisslog’s highly automated systems for storage and transport of packaged foods adjust to market conditions and facilitate rapid, accurate throughput of increased SKUs and smaller order quantities. With these systems, manufacturers can meet the just-in-time order requirements for retailers as well as the ever-changing purchasing habits of consumers.

  • Accurately and efficiently fulfill frequent just-in-time orders for smaller quantities of a larger number of SKUs
  • Meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations
  • Control inventory in real time
  • Improve throughput and picking of packaged foods
  • Increase fulfillment accuracy
  • Unilever, Germany
    Distribution center for semi and finished goods dispatched throughout Germany. Automatic replenishment for fast movers, truck shuttle system interconnecting with production and customer specific order fulfillment.
  • Rieber & Søn, Norway
    Distribution center and production for dried foods such as soups, sauces etc. Direct connection to production lines realized with integrated AGVs and conveyor systems.
  • Zuckermühle, Switzerland
    High-bay warehouse equipped with dehumidifying system, double-deep storage and Swisslog Warehouse Management System. >>

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