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Medication Management Solutions

Increase patient safety and reduce costs through automation

Material Handling Solution

Material Handling Solution

Improve your workflow efficiency through intralogistics automation

Consolidated Service Center

Consolidated Service Center

increase efficiency and streamline operations via consolidating services

Swisslog Healthcare Solutions - Middle East & Africa

Swisslog Healthcare Solutions is a world leader in logistics automation solutions for healthcare facilities, offering automated material transport and medication management solutions for hospitals.

From Dubai we serve hospitals in the Middle East and Africa.

Our best-in-class automation solutions help forward-thinking hospitals efficiently manage medications and material transport to improve workflow, streamline costs and enhance the patient experience.

Medication Management Solutions

PillPick® Automated Packaging and Dispensing System

PillPick® is the most advanced pharmacy automation system that can provide unit dose packaging, storage and dispensing – making it a completely automated solution, from manufacturers’ packaging to patient-specific dispensing.
PillPick® allows pharmacies to increase picking, packaging and dispensing efficiency, eliminate medications errors and improve patient safety.

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BoxPicker™ Automated Pharmacy Storage System

BoxPicker™ is the automated storage and dispensing system for medications in their original package.
BoxPicker™ is a modular, versatile system that can be perfectly tailored to meet any hospital pharmacy needs. It provides secure, high-density storage and dispensing of refrigerated, narcotics and odd-shaped medications while eliminating static shelving.
BoxPicker™ fully automates medication storage and retrieval; which not only eliminates picking errors and increases safety at dispense, but also creates a more efficient pharmacy workflow allowing the pharmacy staff to focus on revenue generating tasks and spend less time locating, picking and verifying medications.

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UniPick 2 Automated Pack Dispensing System

UniPick 2 is the automated drug dispensing system that manages medication in original packaging with superior speed and capacity performances.
The highly versatile and superior performance characteristics coupled with the secure drug traceability of Swisslog's automated pack dispensing system allow perfect management solutions for Inpatient pharmacies, Outpatient pharmacies as well as Hospital warehousing and logistic centers.

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UniPick 2 for fast and reliable automated pack dispensing

ATP® Automated Tablet Packaging System

The ATP® is a high-speed unit-dose packaging system designed to support any medication distribution mode.
ATP® provides a low cost, efficient way to package oral solids. In coordination with automated pharmacy storage systems, the ATP® further minimizes human touches and maximizes productivity

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Automated Material Transport Solutions

TranspoNet™ Pneumatic Tube System

TranspoNet™ is the pneumatic tube system designed for spontaneous transport within your hospital of lab, blood and tissue samples, as well as documents and rapid sections.
Highly modular and flexible, TranspoNet™ optimizes logistic processes increasing efficiency and patient safety.

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TransLogic® Pneumatic Tube System

Specially designed to handle hospitals’ automated material transport needs, the TransLogic® Pneumatic Tube System delivers patient-critical items quickly and reliably.
This leading pneumatic tube system ensures delivery performance – even at peak times- to eliminate wait time and reduce manual labor.
With the time saved from delivering materials, medications, IVs, paperwork and lab samples, staff can focus on patient-care activities.

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TransCar® Automated Guided Vehicle

TransCar® Automated Guided Vehicle (AGVs) help hospitals take control of their on-demand and routine material transport activities. By using self-guided vehicles, staff can remain focused on patient-care activities instead of delivering materials, therebay improving quality of care and reducing operational costs.

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AGV TransCar

Consolidated Service Centers

Swisslog is able to provide solutions for the entire supply chain and logistic processes of modern hospitals.
Swisslog designs and manufactures automated systems for logistics centers and hospital warehouses to enhance pharma materials handling management in forward-thinking hospitals.
Through traceability and widespread control of the entire process of receiving, storage and redistribution Swisslog solutions minimize the risk of goods’ perishability and streamline purchasing processes by improving operating performance.


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Customer Service

To help ensure our products meet the needs and expectations of our customers, we provide complete customer and technical support. 
From delivering solutions with integrated functionality to providing up-to-date information and support for continual process improvement, Swisslog is able to help customers efficiently manage information so they can make informed decisions concerning patient care.



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