Swisslog at Materials Handling Middle East Exhibition

11-13 September 2017, 10am-6pm daily
Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Swisslog will participate at the region’s dedicated trade show for intralogistics, warehouse and supply chain solutions. Explore our dynamic, huge demosystem - one of the most exciting in 2017 worldwide. Ready for a future that intelligently links man with machine and reality with virtuality.

The logistics industry is in a state of flux – new themes such as Industry 4.0, digitalization and constantly changing buying habits demand new concepts. At our booth, learn more about software and smart data, and experience the combination and simulation of innovative logistics systems that make the vision of a sophisticated high-tech warehouse a reality today.

Jay Andres, CEO of Mai Dubai, to join Swisslog on the booth: 11 Sept, 12pm - 2pm

Jay Andres, CEO of Mai Dubai, will be present at our booth at the Materials Handling Exhibition and will provide background information about the 21 million US Dollar automation project for the bottled water company. Come and join us!


Jay Andres, CEO of Mai Dubai

Industry 4.0: innovative networking of heterogenous systems

In addition to new technologies, Swisslog’s Materials Handling demosystem will reflect the company’s increasing focus on digitalization and collecting large quantities of data. We offer detailed, software-based analyses that turn big data into smart data

Monitoring provides the basis for a continuous improvement process in logistics and paves the way for new, promising corporate strategies and activities.

Large, dynamic intralogistics demo system

Innovation you can touch

The Swisslog booth will feature a comprehensive, dynamic exhibit where visitors can experience for themselves just how efficiently and advantageously different intralogistics technologies can work together.

Robotics highlight: AutoPiQ for robotic single item picking

Swisslog’s new AutoPiQ is a special highlight of the trade fair program as well as part of the true-to-life exhibit. AutoPiQ is a robotics application for picking single items. Developed from prototypes and initial applications, this innovative technology from KUKA and Swisslog makes it possible to pick both identical and different products from a bin. The new AutoPiQ uses a 2D/3D vision system that detects the dimensions of the various objects and passes the data to the gripper technology. AutoPiQ is designed to work hand-in-hand with humans as well as independently.

Leading industry solutions – light goods and pallets

Smart, flexible and reliable for top performance: The solutions and services from Swisslog are among the best in the Retail & E-commerce, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Automotive industries.

Who is Swisslog?

  • Locally present with Swisslog Middle East LLC in Dubai to serve customers in the Gulf region
  • Local customer base with Almarai and Mai Dubai
  • More than 2 000 completed small and large scale projects in key industries including F&B, Retail, E-Commerce and Pharmaceutical
  • Over 2 300 employees in more than 20 countries worldwide
  • Leading automation powerhouse together with KUKA

Explore our live demosystem


"Aside from significantly improving the efficiency of our operation, the project with Swisslog will enable us to remain competitive in the market long-term, and will open up opportunities to grow our business further in the future."

Jay Andres, CEO of Mai Dubai LLC

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