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Sep 14 15

Back To The Future

Brian Whale 15. Sep 2014

Most of us are now completely comfortable with the idea of home delivery. Our demands and expectations and are even pushing order to delivery times to be yet shorter, but is this a new phenomenon? Brian Whale, Senior Logistics Consultant, at Swisslog (UK) remembers the days when a home delivery looked very different to today’s complex fulfilment services.

Sep 14 01

Around And Round The Merry Go Round

Jens Nikolai 01. Sep 2014

Swisslog Australia's Consultant, Jens Nikolai, discusses the perennial issue of Returns Logistics. Just when you think you have the multi-channel order intake, picking and delivery operation under control, things start coming back…

Jul 14 30

A Sign of Things to Come?

Michael Hattrick 30. Jul 2014

The latest marketing tactics, capturing our attention when we are on the move, may reveal a little more about the future of retail. An award-winning campaign sees the convergence of innovative media and e-shopper marketing, in the process, solving a real business problem for a retail client.

Jun 14 25

The Future of Retail?

Kyun Wi 25. Jun 2014

Imagine a world where Suzie finds virtual shoes she likes on her friend’s social networking page. She buys the same shoes for her profile and decides she would like them for real. During a break at work, she visits a store, tries on the shoes, buys them and gets them delivered to her home. This is just one of many scenarios for the year 2020.

May 14 02

Shopping in Pyjamas

Jens Nikolai 02. May 2014

Imagine: Going down to the kitchen in the morning, grabbing a coffee, putting on your 3D goggles and diving into the virtual world of shopping centers via fingertip and voice recognition. 10 minutes later, the grocery shopping is done and will be delivered later that day.

Apr 14 12

Fields of Innovation & Expertise

Walter Bouwman 12. Apr 2014

How could a mere human change the world so that they’re able to, say, write these words on a touchscreen device, connected to nothing more than a pair of headphones and miles from the nearest desk?

Mar 14 06

A Frozen Renaissance

Andrew Blair 06. Mar 2014

For something that’s been on UK shelves since the 1950s, frozen food has been through something of a renaissance recently. Lately, there’s growing recognition of the fact that frozen food can be just as nutritious, if not more so, than fresh.

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