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Nov 15 18

Same Day Delivery for thanks to Swisslog's Click&Pick Solution

18. Nov 2015, a leading e-commerce group for electronic devices in Switzerland, enlarged their logistic center this year after it had reached its capacity limit. Thanks to a second AutoStore from Swisslog the company is able to stay competitive and satisfy their customer needs by offering same day delivery.

Nov 15 04

6 factors every supply chain manager in the pharmaceutical industry should consider

Michiel Veenman 04. Nov 2015

The pharmaceutical industry is facing enormous changes. Before joining Swisslog, Michiel Veenman spent 5 years optimizing warehouse operations and IT systems for a pharmaceutical wholesaler. Here he explains the ways in which the industry can overcome the challenges of the future.

Sep 15 30

US Stars shine for Swisslog

Markus Schmidt 30. Sep 2015

Keyboard Globe

A new remote monitoring team is bringing unprecedented levels of performance and 24/7 ‘Peace of Mind’ for Swisslog’s warehouse automation customers in the US.

Sep 15 09

United States of Automation

AK Schultz 09. Sep 2015

E-commerce, omni-channel management, replenishment, and last-mile logistics are reshaping today's distribution facilities, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the USA. AK Schultz, Vice President of Swisslog Americas and Managing Director of Swisslog’s subsidiary FORTE, believes the wealth of knowledge at the company’s disposal means the future is bright in one of the world’s most important retail markets...

Aug 15 20

4 ways to keep your logistics e-flexible

Bernd Kratz 20. Aug 2015

CarryPick Storage System

The success of online shopping has added greater pressure to responding to changing customer demand, explains Bernd Kratz, Managing Director of EMA GmbH - Executive Management Advisors. E-Shop providers have to re-think their intralogistics processes. With the help of Swisslog’s CarryPick solution, here’s 4 ways you can add greater productivity into your supply chain, whilst responding to the challenge of e-commerce logistics.

Jul 15 27

Smarter Storage Systems of the Future

Markus Schmidt 27. Jul 2015

Markus Schmidt, SVP and Head of North America at Swisslog WDS, thinks the success of e-commerce has switched more companies on to the benefits of automation, even those outside the sector themselves. So what are the challenges future systems will face? And will the e-commerce bubble, inevitably, burst?

Jun 15 22

Are You Ready for the Next Industrial Revolution?

Tom Rentschler 22. Jun 2015


Tom Rentschler, Head of Marketing, WDS Americas, discusses Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) technology.

Jun 15 19

Time for tea: Rising the challenge of black Friday

Brian Whale 19. Jun 2015

Swisslog’s Senior Logistics Consultant, Brian Whale, discusses the impact “Black Friday” had on the UK market last year and advises retailers on how to rise to the challenge of new peaks in their logistics.

Jun 15 08

The Long And The Short Of It

Ralf Buechner 08. Jun 2015

Swisslog’s Director Global Solution Management E-Commerce, Ralf Buechner, explains why the future planning of logistics operations has to include the here and now, as well as the almost here and the almost now.

May 15 28

More Recognition For Award-Winning Innovation

Zhu Jia 28. May 2015

Fresh from collecting a new award for the innovative AutoStore, Zhu Jia, Head of Sales and Marketing WDS Swisslog China, looks at why the solution is proving a big success in the Far East.

Apr 15 07

Why faster fulfilment has a positive impact on your ROI

Roland Martin 07. Apr 2015

Many e-commerce businesses suffer from painful fulfilment costs caused by spoiled online shoppers. Swisslog’s Roland Martin explains how you can turn faster fulfilment to an opportunity.

Mar 15 26

The Big Future Of Big Data

A.K. Schultz 26. Mar 2015

Can Big Data make a big difference? Swisslog’s A.K. Schultz certainly believes so. Here he discusses how data rich companies are forging ahead and how data can influence important intralogistics decisions...

Mar 15 09

Battlefield USA

Marc Wulfraat 09. Mar 2015

The whole e-commerce war in the USA is in full flow, led by Amazon for over 10 years. What are the challenges faced by key players in one of the most influential E-commerce markets in the world?

Feb 15 25

The most expensive items ever bought online

25. Feb 2015

These days we regularly buy food, clothes, toys, music and much more online. Moreover, our day-to-day online purchases are normally not really worth a blog post. Some people however, chose to purchase quite different items online and the possibilities are endless, as it seems! Check out the top 3 of the world`s most expensive online purchases.

Jan 15 30

Meeting the evolving needs of Chinese online shoppers

Roland Martin 30. Jan 2015

In order to cope with the online sales volume and the double-digit growth in China, Alibaba and the like are facing challenges in selecting the most suitable warehousing strategy.

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