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Sep 16 20

Industry 4.0: There’s a Digital Revolution Headed for Your Warehouse. Are You Ready?

A.K. Schultz 20. Sep 2016


Considering the advances in automated material handling technology that have occurred in recent years, it’s a little surprising to learn that eight of 10 warehouses are still manually operated. But, with the fourth industrial revolution upon us — what is being called Industry 4.0 — that is changing.

Aug 16 31

Pure e-commerce players are facing the truth

Roland Martin 31. Aug 2016


Roland Martin discusses how consumer habits are quashing the e-commerce market.

Aug 16 10

Robot, or Not?

James Sharples 10. Aug 2016


James Sharples, Managing Director of Swisslog UK, examines the future of robotics in intralogistics.

Jul 16 12

The droids shoppers are looking for

James Sharples 12. Jul 2016

White Paper

Movies have inspired many things in the real world, says Swisslog UK’s James Sharples, but building an army of semi-autonomous robots to help the home shopper is yet to make it to the big screen! Still, there are some comparisons out there for the movie-minded, in particular with a story from a galaxy far, far away…

Jun 16 24

Big Data’s Big Daddy

Pascal Fempel 24. Jun 2016


Industry 4.0 is a recent term now very much embedded in industry-speak, but with it's own distinctive heritage. Pascal Fempel, Head of Software at Swisslog WDS Central Europe, considers it's recent rise to prominence and what makes devotees different from the data champions of recent years.

Jun 16 07

Power Up: Finding The Right Type of AS/RS For Your Pallet Needs

Markus Schmidt 07. Jun 2016


Markus Schmidt, Senior Vice President of Swisslog WDS Americas discusses how to determine the right AS/RS for your pallet needs.

May 16 10

Our New Robot Partners

Michiel Veenman 10. May 2016


Michiel Veenman, Director Solution Management Pharmaceutical Industry at Swisslog WDS considers how automation will improve validation.

Apr 16 08

What shoppers really want – a view from the future

David Jefferys 08. Apr 2016


An informal attempt at a little market research – basically asking friends and colleagues about their shopping habits – revealed few surprises at Swisslog. By David Jeffreys, Global Market Leader E-Commerce at Swisslog WDS.

Mar 16 31

Innovation at Swisslog: Machines are the solution, and the cause of, ever-faster change

Tony Buckley 31. Mar 2016

Exhibit Swisslog Exhibitions

In many developed countries, our working hours are getting longer and our sense of time pressures are increasing, but (surprise!) our productivity levels are largely unchanged, says Tony Buckley, Head of Technology Center at Swisslog WDS. “Luckily, the Swiss know a thing or two about productivity,” adds Tony, “having held the top spot for the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Index for five years in a row.” Read his blog post about solving our ‘Innovation Paradox’…

Feb 16 26

Once a picker – always a picker

Brian Whale 26. Feb 2016

iStock_000017088979_Large (003)

Today the task of order picking in a warehouse is a stressful one; time is of the essence to satisfy a customer’s requirement, accuracy is paramount for the retailer, and finishing that last pick of the day on time is important to the picker, as Manchester United are live on the TV tonight and they “gotta get outa there” on time!

Feb 16 03

Innovation at Swisslog: Five Facts Behind Tornado’s Five Year Success

Michael Garstenauer 03. Feb 2016

CartonLoader Tornado

Innovation is a key element in Swisslog’s business strategy that enables customers to grow with new technologies. One great example is our Tornado miniload crane. With a new CartonLoader unveiled, there’s now more reasons than ever to choose this fantastic piece of kit. Product Manager Michael Garstenauer picks out five of his favourite facts about the roaring success.

Jan 16 21

Improving Ergonomics in the Warehouse: Reduce Injury Risks, Improve Productivity

Jeff Ross 21. Jan 2016


Need to keep up with the explosion of SKUs and demands for multi-channel fulfillment? The experts often advise adding automated material handling equipment (MHE) and advanced warehouse control software to improve productivity.

Dec 15 23

Stadium’s Online Sporting Success Follows A Global Trend

Stefan Karlöf 23. Dec 2015


It’s a story that is being played out around the world. One Nordic sports retailer is following a path towards integrated logistics that’s been proven time and again. Stefan Karlöf, a renowned Swedish expert in supply chain management, looks at what lessons can still be learnt.

Dec 15 04

NEW MAGAZINE: The Robots are coming...

Dr. Christian Baur 04. Dec 2015

Awareness of robot technology and the development of automation is growing daily in the public consciousness. In our latest magazine, we’ve been discussing the developments that are bringing human and robotic interactivity together. Chief Operating Officer of the SwisslogGroup and WDS President Dr. Christian Baur looks at what's to come in the next Swisslog Inspiration magazine.

Nov 15 23

Will You Profit from the ‘Disruptive Dozen’?

Tom Rentschler 23. Nov 2015

Swisslog Blog Post

Tom Rentschler, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development at Forte discusses the 12 most disruptive forces enabled by advances in digital technology. One is of particular significance if you make your living in the distribution end of the supply chain.

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