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Apr 17 24

Industry 4.0: How Virtualization is Changing Warehouse Operations

Dr. Kerstin Höfle 24. Apr 2017


Virtualization is a key component of Industry 4.0 that is available today. Find out how it is changing warehouse management.

Apr 17 12

Is Warehouse Management Software Obsolete?

Michael Howes 12. Apr 2017

SynQ Blog

Swisslog’s new SynQ software is more than what you think of when you hear “WMS.” It’s an integrated intralogistics software platform that offers opportunities to gain insights and better manage the operation in ways typical WMS systems cannot. By combining warehouse management capabilities with the real-time execution of a warehouse control system, and adding in the intelligence gained from the data, you have a system that can revolutionize your operations.

Mar 17 17

Robotic Picking and the Beauty of Human Hand-Eye Coordination

A.K. Schultz 17. Mar 2017


The human hand still beats the robot when it comes to picking, but the gap is closing fast. Learn how robots are tackling this complex challenge and how close we are to commercial viability of robots that can pick any object from any place.

Feb 17 23

Introducing the SynQ Intelligence Network: Designed to Give You the Flexibility and Intelligence to Adapt to Change

Andreas Compeer 23. Feb 2017

SynQ Blog

Swisslog introduces SynQ, a modular, end-to-end intralogistics software platform that delivers the flexibility, intelligence and agility you need to optimize operations, transform data into insight and future-proof your warehouse.

Feb 17 14

Industry 4.0: Interoperability – What is it and Why Should You Care?

A.K. Schultz 14. Feb 2017


What does interoperability mean for the future of your warehouse? Find out in our new post and learn three steps you can take today.

Jan 17 19

Why Productivity Is the Final Frontier of Competitive Advantage

Tom Rentschler 19. Jan 2017

Productivity Blog

Whether you’re a nation or a company, improving productivity may be the single most important differentiator and source of true competitive advantage in our global economy. And unless you’re a professional economist, you’re probably not focused on this all-important measure.

Dec 16 22

Serialization in the pharmaceutical industry: challenge and opportunity

Martina Suter 22. Dec 2016


The pharmaceutical industry is on the right track. It continuously combats counterfeit drugs and theft by protecting them through serialization. But the assignment and control of serial numbers across the entire supply chain of finished products is difficult, especially in logistics and IT. Serialization does, however, have profitable side effects.

Dec 16 19

How Automation Will Revolutionize 3PLs and Other Predictions for the Year in e-Commerce Fulfillment

Tom Rentschler 19. Dec 2016

CarryPick Mobile Racks

Tom Rentschler says 2017 could be the year that the 3PL business model is revolutionized by scalable, mobile new forms of automation. These flexible new approaches to automation support different sizes and weights of products, provide the ability to add racks quickly as storage volume increases and enable equipment to be easily moved from one warehouse to another. See all of our predictions for the year in e-commerce fulfillment.

Nov 16 22

Mobile Robots Create New Opportunities for Scaling e-Commerce Fulfillment

Jeff Ross, Vice President, Consulting, Americas Mason, OH Office 22. Nov 2016

CarryPick Storage System

Until now, rapidly growing, early-stage e-commerce companies had only two choices for handling order fulfillment. Either outsource this critical function to a third party or make heavy capital investments in warehouse automation. But with Swisslog’s CarryPick technology, even the most inexpensive, low ceiling height real estate can be transformed into a scalable, flexible fulfillment operation with goods-to-person picking.

Oct 16 24

Making the Move to Material Handling Automation: Five Lessons for First Timers

Todd Radwell 24. Oct 2016

Swisslog Installation at Radwell

Todd Radwell, Senior VP of Operations and Engineering for Radwell International gives his insights for those considering a move to automation.

Oct 16 21

Ship-from-store: Opportunity or obstacle?

Roland Martin 21. Oct 2016


Should physical retailers utilise their store network as mini distribution centres as they seek to compete with the success of e-commerce players? To help you form your own opinion, here are the advantages and disadvantages of the ship-from-store technique, which has become a popular method with Australian retailers.

Oct 16 03

Supporting Rapid Growth in e-Commerce: The Thrive Market Story

Tom Rentschler 03. Oct 2016

Thrive Market

Tom Rentschler, Head of Marketing WDS Americas discusses how Swisslog helped Thrive Market increase productivity by 20 percent.

Sep 16 26

The Hidden Cost of Doing Nothing: Understand the Full Impact on Your DC

Heinz Ennen 26. Sep 2016


Companies carefully evaluate the often substantial costs associated with modernizing or optimizing an existing distribution center or building a new one. Yet they seldom scrutinize the real cost of the alternative – doing nothing.

Sep 16 20

Industry 4.0: There’s a Digital Revolution Headed for Your Warehouse. Are You Ready?

A.K. Schultz 20. Sep 2016


Considering the advances in automated material handling technology that have occurred in recent years, it’s a little surprising to learn that eight of 10 warehouses are still manually operated. But, with the fourth industrial revolution upon us — what is being called Industry 4.0 — that is changing.

Aug 16 31

Pure e-commerce players are facing the truth

Roland Martin 31. Aug 2016


Roland Martin discusses how consumer habits are quashing the e-commerce market.

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