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May 15 5

VIDEO: Tailored Services For Your Peace OF Mind

, 05. May 2015

Swisslog aims to give customers complete confidence by ensuring they receive the right solutions and the best services.

Apr 15 7

Why faster fulfilment has a positive impact on your ROI

Roland Martin, 07. Apr 2015

Many e-commerce businesses suffer from painful fulfilment costs caused by spoiled online shoppers. Swisslog’s Roland Martin explains how you can turn faster fulfilment to an opportunity.

Mar 15 26

The Big Future Of Big Data

A.K. Schultz, 26. Mar 2015

Can Big Data make a big difference? Swisslog’s A.K. Schultz certainly believes so. Here he discusses how data rich companies are forging ahead and how data can influence important intralogistics decisions...

Mar 15 9

Battlefield USA

Marc Wulfraat, 09. Mar 2015

The whole e-commerce war in the USA is in full flow, led by Amazon for over 10 years. What are the challenges faced by key players in one of the most influential E-commerce markets in the world?

Feb 15 25

The most expensive items ever bought online

, 25. Feb 2015

These days we regularly buy food, clothes, toys, music and much more online. Moreover, our day-to-day online purchases are normally not really worth a blog post. Some people however, chose to purchase quite different items online and the possibilities are endless, as it seems! Check out the top 3 of the world`s most expensive online purchases.

Jan 15 30

Meeting the evolving needs of Chinese online shoppers

Roland Martin, 30. Jan 2015

In order to cope with the online sales volume and the double-digit growth in China, Alibaba and the like are facing challenges in selecting the most suitable warehousing strategy.

Jan 15 16

VIDEO: AutoStore at Australia’s largest e-retailer

Darren Edwards, 16. Jan 2015

Swisslog recently installed the AutoStore solution within a fulfilment centre at ‘Catch of the Day’. ABC Australia TV network didn't miss the chance to intoduce the solution.

Jan 15 7

Today is the new tomorrow - same day delivery on the rise

Ralf Buechner, 07. Jan 2015

Online shoppers expect their purchase to be delivered within 24 hours, or better yet, on the same day. The changing customer demands require forward-thinking innovative and flexible logistics concepts, says Ralf Büchner, Director Global Solution Management E-Commerce at Swisslog.

Dec 14 17

The Past, Present & Future of Good Service

James Sharples, 17. Dec 2014

Viewing a customer’s business from every angle - a 360 degree service – can provide real insight into operational needs, says Swisslog UK MD, James Sharples.

Dec 14 5

Gone In A Flash

Daniel Martin, 05. Dec 2014

A form of extreme discounting, flash sales originated in France and are now spreading around the world. The phenomenon tells us a lot about what brands do to manage their stock, whilst keeping their brand value high and maximise income.

Nov 14 20

Ready, Steady, Click!

Malte Polzin, 20. Nov 2014

Have you ever tried to purchase a product online only to find it trickier than you expected? Why do they do that? Strategic consultant, Malte Polzin, believes he knows why...

Nov 14 12

‘Tis (nearly) the season to be jolly!

Brian Whale, 12. Nov 2014

Logistics challenges during Christmas time

Every year, the jam-packed offerings of online stores are tempting more and more people to do their Christmas shopping from the comfort of their home instead of on the crowded high street. For online retailers, the run-up to Christmas usually delivers the highest sales of the year. However, only those companies who prepare early and respond rapidly can take advantage of seasonal trends, says Brian Whale.

Oct 14 8

More than milk

Bill Leber, 08. Oct 2014

'RT' if you find it impossible to go out for milk and only come back with milk. - @sainsburys

Sep 14 15

Back To The Future

Brian Whale, 15. Sep 2014

Most of us are now completely comfortable with the idea of home delivery. Our demands and expectations and are even pushing order to delivery times to be yet shorter, but is this a new phenomenon? Brian Whale, Senior Logistics Consultant, at Swisslog (UK) remembers the days when a home delivery looked very different to today’s complex fulfilment services.

Sep 14 1

Around And Round The Merry Go Round

Jens Nikolai, 01. Sep 2014

Swisslog Australia's Consultant, Jens Nikolai, discusses the perennial issue of Returns Logistics. Just when you think you have the multi-channel order intake, picking and delivery operation under control, things start coming back…