Sustainability at Swisslog, a member of the KUKA Group

Sustainability is anchored in the corporate culture of Swisslog and KUKA. As a future-oriented company, we strive for sustainability in every area – to the benefit of our people and the quality of our products and services. We also do this because we have a responsibility to society and the environment.

Sustainability in all areas

At Swisslog, sustainability means responsible business practices aimed at protecting the environment and resources. We have a responsibility to our employees, customers and investors as well as to society and the environment. That is why we work hard to ensure that the company continues to develop sustainably. We strive for sustainability in all areas:

  • Social policy
  • Energy, environment and resources
  • Economy

Social sustainability: for employees and society


For us, the health of our employees is of the greatest importance. We strive to create a flexible and healthy work environment. This includes the compatibility of family and working life. This is why we pursue a sustainable human resources policy and encourage work/life balance through options such as flextime work or telecommuting.

Swisslog employees regularly meet for sports activities and are encouraged to do some sport i.e., come to work by bike. 

Social management systems and certificates

To support sustainable development and protect the health of employees, we work with quality management systems that ensure the safety of employees on construction sites, for example. This also includes extensive health management. Our current certificate:

  • OHSAS 18001: Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series is a British standard, serving as basis for the certification of management systems for occupational health and safety. OHSAS 18001 deals with the hazards and risks related to occupational health and safety. 
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Environmental sustainability: efficient use of energy and resourcesGreenLog

More and more people rely on increasingly rare resources. For Swisslog, resources saving and energy-efficient processes that reduce CO2 emissions are particularly important. That is why we are committed to energy efficiency in systems engineering through the use of green technologies and products, such as Green LogisticsSolutions (White Paper) with the GreenLog label.

Environmental management systems and certificates

    Through our environmental management system and energy management system, we ensure that the approach, extent and impact of our activities, products and services are appropriate. That is why we are continuously improving this management system and working to avoid environmental pollution. As a result of the recent activities regarding energy management in Germany, we are proud to use today Green Energy in our Swisslog location in Dortmund.

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Our sustainability certificates in this area:

  • ISO 14001: The international standard ISO 14001 defines the requirements for an environmental management system. It focuses on a continuous improvement process. ISO 14001 belongs to a set of standards which, among other things, deals with eco balance sheets, key environmental indicators as well as environmental performance evaluations. 
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  • ISO 50001: The internationally recognized standard supports the establishment of systematic energy management as it relates to energy efficiency and CO2 emissions. Swisslog as a member of the KUKA Group implemented in 2016 an energy management system for all KUKA Group companies in Germany according to ISO 50001, to be further rolled out in other European countries. 

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Economic sustainability: thinking long term and acting responsibly

Swisslog lives the principle of sustainable management: we plan long term, drive future-oriented technologies and solve problems at their source.

Business management systems and certificates

In order to conduct business sustainably, we opt for proven quality management systems in this context too. Our certificates in this area include the following: 

  • ISO 9001: This international standard deals with quality management systems and fosters mutual understanding at a national and international level.
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More information
Download the complete KUKA & Swisslog guidelines for health, safety, sustainability and quality >>