CarryPick Mobile System for Efficient Storage and Order Picking

CarryPick is flexible, scalable and quickly adjustable to changing demands in warehousing. The automated storage and goods-to-person order picking system
is specifically designed for the intralogistics requirements fulfilling e-Commerce business where product variability, delivery time and cost efficiency are daily challenges.

The modular concept of CarryPick perfectly fits into existing buildings and stands out for its ability to be extended and relocated on very short notice.

CarryPick consist of only four components such as mobile racks, automated guided vehicles, Swisslog‘s workstations ProPick and the warehouse management system SynQ.

Multifunctional workstations are continually supplied with mobile racks by automated guided vehicles. Controlled and monitored by the WM 6 warehouse management system, CarryPick combines storage with replenishment and picking functionality, and handles returns in a very efficient way.

  • Flexible: CarryPick robots can be used in any industry or location and quickly adapt to changes in condition. (i.e. product heterogeneity, volume, performance).
  • Efficient: The ergonomic and user-friendly workstation design can handle changing customer processes.
  • Simple: Building requirements are very modest. Ceiling height can be low and both lighting and heating are not necessary for performance. In addition, project implementation and employee training is completed very quickly.
  • Modular: Thanks to its modular concept, CarryPick is scalable and expandable and can be integrated into the existing logistics infrastructure.
  • Mobile racks – dimensions (L x W x H): 1 300 mm x 900 mm x 2 500 mm
  • Mobile racks – types: Cartons, hanging goods, returns
  • ‘Carry‘ robots - load: max. 600 kg
  • ‘Carry‘ robots - power supply: inductive, charging mats
  • Room height – building: min. 3 m


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